1, 2 Switch Could Be the Switch’s Wii Sports

Like Wii Sports and Nintendo Land before it, 1-2 Switch is the game that showcases all the Switch’s little sensors and buttons with a brimming sense of imagination and fun that is distinctly Nintendo.

At the Switch’s UK debut, there were six games on show, but I was told by a senior Nintendo representative at the event that they represent a “small sample” of the experiences included in the full game.

*Important note for the below: a lot of the hats were provided by Nintendo, and while entirely optional, they definitely put me in the right frame of mind to milk an imaginary cow and shoot my boss.

Sit down, ideally on a wood stool, and look into the eyes of your opponent. Grip the Joy-Con – which, for all intents and purposes, is now an udder – and begin to… er, tug. (Yep, sounds rude.)

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Author: Daniel Krupa

Source: IGN.com

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