Anyone have a 4×4 Truck that they aren’t using and want an instant retrogaming collection?

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1980 Atari, Nintendo, Sega fuel : other transmission : other title status : clean

What you see depicted is 15 years of collecting. 5 consoles, 430 cartridges. Accessories up the wazoo. So much is going on here, I’m not going to spend days upon days cataloging it all because what you see is what you get and it saves me a bunch of typing. Straight away, I must be clear; THIS IS NOT A CASH SALE. NO, I AM NOT SPLITTING UP THE SET. I am looking for a STRAIGHT TRADE for a CLEAN TITLE 4×4 Pickup of my choosing. I will weed out and disregard any junk vehicles at my discretion after a thorough inspection and highway speed (65+mph) test drive. I will not be bringing the consoles and games to the initial test drive meet. JUST BECAUSE I LOOKED AT YOUR VEHICLE DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE A DEAL. I plan to look at several vehicles and make a final decision, upon which I will contact the vehicle owner I have chosen, and we will make further arrangements to complete the barter transaction. I have provided date stamped photographic evidence that all this gaming equipment is in perfect working order so I will not trade for anything less than a truck of the same quality. I will most likely be showing up with a flashlight, a mechanic’s stethoscope, and a diagnostic code reader to check the vehicles computer so if you know of a problem with your vehicle, please be courteous and upfront about it because if you aren’t, I’ll find it and when I do, that is the end of our business transaction. I’ll be checking for fluid leaks, pressure levels, motor knock, bad emissions, drive-train issues from the transfer case back to the rear axle, alignment issues, and electrical problems. SO, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, Here’s the abridged version of the goodies. WE HAVE: A fully functional ATARI 2600. ACTUAL ATARI brand, not one of the many knockoffs from the time period that played Atari games. There are 90 games in this bundle for this console. 4 joysticks, and a set of 2-player single port paddles. Original NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM (NES) comes more than complete with two standard controllers, 2 “NES MAX” turbo controllers, 2 “NES ADVANTAGE” turbo arcade style joysticks, one Nintendo “zapper” and a Galoob “Game Genie”. All fully functional. 158 game cartridges for this console. The SUPER NINTENDO Entertainment System (SNES) comes with 4 Standard Controllers, an adjustable turbo controller, a “Super Advantage” arcade style adjustable turbo joystick, and a Game Genie as well. 76 game cartridges for this console. Next, a SEGA “GENESIS 3”. Comes with two original 3-button controllers, two 6-button controllers, and a SEGA arcade style joystick. This unit also includes a Game Genie, HOWEVER: the Game Genie for SEGA is only compatible in GENESIS I and GENESIS II consoles. This unit has been cleaned and tested in a Genesis II. The Sega collection has 53 games. Finally, the NINTENDO 64 comes with 4 controllers, 3 memory cards w/case, a rumble pack, a transfer pack, a RAM expansion (original jumper RAM pack w/cover included), and a Game Shark Pro w/code book. There are 52 games for this final console. So, that’s it. I’m not going to list all 430 game titles because… just… no. Now, feel free to show me what you have and maybe we can make a deal 🙂 Please text all inquiries and pictures to “(563)-210-nine one two six”.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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