Arms: Nintendo Takes a Jab at a New Fighting Series

After a few minutes of duking it out in a match of Arms, it’s easy to see that Nintendo’s new fighting game for Switch has more in common with Street Fighter than it does Punch-Out!!! The combat is built around stretchy limbs and a familiar trio of options, where you have to use punches, throws, and blocks to K.O. your opponent. This is a fighting game with a balletic rhythm and flow that feels unique. The near-finished version of Arms I saw felt like a tried-and-true fighting game that uses simple motion-based inputs to set up the same tense, electric all-or-nothing moments found in plenty of modern competitive games. But Arms also has a wacky spirit, and we got a glimpse of it in some of the game’s off-beat modes (Editor’s Note: Nintendo announced that Arms is getting a Testpunch beta period later this month, and it’s getting free updates post launch).

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Author: Jose Otero


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