Blaster Master Zero Review


p dir=”ltr”>Blaster Master Zero is built upon the same offbeat premise of the 1988 original – a young boy, Jason, follows a frog through an interdimensional portal and winds up exploring a series of mutant-infested subworlds in an upgradable jumping tank. It’s a pretty silly set up, but developer Inti Creates doesn’t allow the paper-thin plot to stand in the way of a mostly fun Metroidvania-style exploration experience – even if the combat is surprisingly easy for a classic-style platformer.

What distinguishes Blaster Master Zero from many other games of its type is the ability to switch control between the SOPHIA III tank and go on-foot as Jason. (Heavy Rain fans take note, you literally press X to Jason in this game). That creates several distinct types of gameplay, which gives Blaster Master Zero an uncommon variety. Jason is far more vulnerable than the more rugged SOPHIA III, not to mention prone to instant death when falling from even modest heights, but his more diminutive stature allows him to crawl through tunnels in the terrain in order to access switches and the like that are otherwise blocked off from the tank.

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Author: Tristan Ogilvie


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