Buy Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood for $45

Microsoft is offering Wolfenstein: The New Order and its standalone prequel Wolfenstein: The Old Blood together as a digitally delivered bundle.

The package is priced at $44.99 and, according to the product description, is a “limited time offer.”

In GameSpot’s Wolfenstein: The New Order review we said the game’s “combat intensity and variety have granted the Wolfenstein series a breath of fresh air, whilst still managing to hit the nostalgic highs.”

“[The New Order] is both a celebration of the Wolfenstein series and what feels like a fitting send-off for it. The New Order could be the last hurrah of William “BJ” Blazkowicz, an outing which, for all its excess and bombast, is far from mindless.”

The Old Blood is a prequel that takes place in an alternate history 1964 prior to the events of The New Order. B.J. Blazkowicz and Richard Wesley are tasked with infiltrating Castle Wolfenstein and finding the location of General Wilhelm Strasse, also known as Deathshead.

Wolfenstein publisher Bethesda is hosting its own press conference at E3 for the first time. Rumours of Fallout 4 development have been circulating for a number of years and many have speculated it will be revealed at this year’s event.

Bethesda also recently released a teaser for its rebooted Doom, which indicated that we’ll get to see more of the game at E3, likely also during its press conference.

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