Check Out Rock Band Dev’s Trippy VR Game That’s Coming to Morpheus

Last year, Harmonix, the developer of the Rock Band series, announced Music VR, a music visualization experience for the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset. Today, Harmonix announced the project for Sony’s Morpheus headset and also released a trailer and images for the first time.

Music VR takes any of your songs and generates a unique visualization, resulting in a sort of drive through a psychedelic, colorful dream world that changes with the rhythm of your music. In my opinion, the word to describe it is trippy.

There will be several different “worlds” that you can choose to set your visualization in, although the developer hasn’t given any more details about that. There’s no word on a release date on Morpheus, so keep an eye on GameSpot for news when it becomes available.

Check out some animated gifs of the surreal Music VR below:

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