Current Environment and Attitudes of Local Retro Sellers

I wanted to start a topic to see if the retro Game selling environment was the same in other places in terms of number of places to buy/inventory and attitudes.

A bit of background: I live in the Buffalo, NY area. At one point we were ripe with resellers of retro games between our huge flea market and a bunch of small shops that bought and sold games. Fast forward to now and we have a single chain (Oogie Games) that specialize in retro and new games and have basically no real local competition anymore and have five location spread across two counties. Our flea market shut down and one location of a Rochester based chain remains in the area (Game Craze) but most likely not for long as their inventory is horrible (mostly sports games) which is sad because there’s a great staff working there. They are more knowledgeable on a whole compared to Oogie I’d say. Now I have no real with these guys. Yeah they charge a bit more than you can get games for on eBay but for them it’s a business. I totally understand that. Now I’ve been noticing the attitudes of the smaller guys getting worse. One example: I was at our local Antique place this weekend which has basically turned into a replacement for the flea market with everyone setting up shop like a giant garage sale. I stopped at the only table I saw any video games (not remotely a ton) and noticed a handful of NES games. Now the guy that talked to me was a pretty decent guy, he let me know all of the prices for the games in the box and pointed over to the box next to his and said basically “and hey my buddy has a couple more games”. At this point I was pretty sold and ready to buy all 8 or so games he had but I wanted to look in the next box and see what the rest of their table had. He had less NES games and one Snes game: Actraiser 2. Now none of these games are priced and I’m a bit interested in what he was going to charge for Actraiser 2 so I asked the guy and his response was “what are you offering”. Now I don’t know about Snes game prices in the least compared to NES, all I know was I loved the first game. I was taken back by his question mostly because everyone that shows up to this place is mostly like his friend, totally up front about how much they want and not wasting time. So the first thing I said was “ten” probably with a very confused look on my face as I had said the first number that came to my mind. Obviously I know the game was worth at least $12 to 15 but I just wanted to know what he was looking to get. His response was “keep walking” and turned to his friend and said “got to be kidding me, this goes for $40 on ebay”. Clearly I didn’t know how much it goes for on eBay so I would have appreciated a more friendly/informative response and in all honesty I was pretty offended by his response and walked away from dropping $80 on the other games because of this. Is this the response he would give to a mother looking for games that knew even less about the price of games? I’m just curious if this is how the culture has become everywhere else from those selling games. I did however turn around and buy the game for $15 on eBay which I thought was funny.

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