Dallas Cowboys Will Train QBs With VR

The Dallas Cowboys, one of the most famous teams in the NFL, are trying something new to train their quarterbacks. The team has signed a two-year deal with a startup called StriVR Labs to use their virtual reality technology to train the team’s quarterbacks, which would presumably include Tony Romo.

The news comes by way of a source speaking with Re/code. The report appears to be accurate, as the official Dallas Cowboys Facebook page shared a link to the story.

According to Re/code, “After donning the headset, players see a live-action 3D video replay of a football play from the quarterback’s perspective, and can review that play from a first-person view over and over, looking in any direction.”

The current iteration of StriVR’s headset is not interactive, the site points out. But as it stands, coaches can test a quarterback’s decision-making skills, while another benefit is that players can “practice” without the entire team.

StriVR was developed by former Stanford kicker Derek Belch. The technology is used at Stanford, and also at a variety of other colleges. The Dallas Cowboys become the first pro team to use the technology. They have not won a Super Bowl since 1996.

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