Destiny Sparrow Racing League Coming to Private Matches

Sparrow Racing League will remain available as part of Destiny’s private match system, IGN confirmed at PlayStation Experience 2016.

The Dawning winter event, which ushers in the second year of Sparrow Racing League (SRL), will conclude on January 3, 2017, but the game’s executive producer, Scott Taylor, confirmed it will continue to be available as part of the private match system.

This is important for Destiny players, not only because the game has entered its “long winter” of fewer content releases for Rise of Iron, but because the new exotic machine gun quests are tied to the Sparrow Racing League. As part of The Dawning event, Bungie’s live team has introduced two alternate versions of the Thunderlord exotic called “Abbadon” and “Nova Mortis.” Respectively, they are solar and void versions of the fast-fire machine gun.

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