Disney Afternoon Collection Review


When they were originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, most of the games included in the Disney Afternoon Collection were popular at the time and are fondly remembered today. And some are still fun, especially with the new Rewind feature that takes the edge off the difficulty by letting you instantly reverse your errors. Even so, this is a collection aimed squarely at fans of old-fashioned platformers that makes little effort to update them for modern conventions.

Although there’s a stigma around licensed games now, the Disney Afternoon Collection’s six games were designed by Capcom at its 2D height, right alongside greats like Mega Man 2 and Bionic Commando. And you can really feel the ‘90s Capcom magic: These games are universally beautiful, feature great music, and, despite the kiddy licenses, can be really challenging. The talented team that resurrected old ROMs for the Mega Man Legacy Collection have outdone themselves once again, with perfect emulation that looks great on new TVs. Both the aforementioned Rewind feature and an ability to save once (but only once per game!) can help you get through the tougher areas. This wizard-level tool even plays the music in reverse (no hidden messages discovered – yet).

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Source: IGN.com

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