Doctor Who Review

Spoilers follow for this episode of Doctor Who.

Ah, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of existential dread that everything you know, everything you are, just isn’t real. What, you’ve never experienced that? Is it just me?

Well, Steven Moffat’s “Extremis” — the first installment of a three-parter — not only raises that very question, it actually tricks the viewer into experiencing the sensation in a way as our three leads all turn out to not actually exist. First it’s Nardole who pieces together that his and Bill’s hopping about the planet is all just a projection “like the holodeck on Star Trek” right before he simply ceases to exist when he steps past the projectors. Soon after, Bill also is revealed to be, well, non-existent, though she’s far less willing to believe it even in her final moments. And then, finally, the Doctor himself zaps into nothingness, though at least he was ready for it after he read the Veritas, or “Extremis” — the sacred, ancient tome which revealed the true nature of that reality. He’s Mario waking up in Super Mario Bros.

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Author: Scott Collura


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