Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Review


Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the episode.


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With only a brief pause in the action, the Tournament of Power is quickly back on track as the remaining fighters battle for their survival. Episode 99 had several fun moments and was able to show off how the Universe 7 fighters are handling things while Goku is off battling alone. Krillin’s ring out stood out as odd but was not so damaging as to ruin the excitement of the episode.

The greatest part of the tournament thus far has been seeing the many fighters in action. Episode 99 delivers that in spades with several new fighters this week. Just showing them off wouldn’t be very exciting, but Super does a great job of introducing them, showcasing what makes them unique, and then either moving on to someone else or completely eliminating the character. Majora was a perfect example of this. I loved his unique look and fighting style, but very little time was used to explain these things. Instead, Super opts to focus on his actions, and his time on-screen is better for it. There’s a lot of fighters to watch in the tournament, so it pleases me to see them take this no-nonsense approach to showcasing fighters.

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