Every Super Mario Bros. Sound Effect, Played at Once

Nintendo’s iconic platformer Super Mario Bros. had a lot of memorable sound effects that remain popular to this day. But now we’re hearing them like never before in a terrifying new video.

YouTube user crysknife007 has collected every sound effect from the original NES game and looped them on top of each other. For 12 hours.

“I’d say it sounds quite a bit like 10 casinos at once,” crysknife007 writes. “If you listen carefully you can hear what Mario’s nightmares must feel like.”

crysknife007 even put forth some ideas for how to best leverage his creation.

“Should be great for driving your roommates and neighbors crazy, noise violations, startling animals, or just driving yourself slowly insane. I really hope nobody tries to go to sleep to this one.”

Check out the video below.

In other Super Mario Bros. news, one superfan has created the game’s famous menu screen with 14,000 toothpicks.

Via: Kotaku

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