Everything You Need to Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch


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Nintendo went ahead and played the ace up its sleeve at E3 2018, revealing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch has every Smash character, ever, in the roster. Yes, Waluigi is only an assist trophy, but that’s because we have to keep the universe in balance. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s release date is December 7, which means we all have to brace ourselves for Smash Bros. roster reveals, teases, and internet hoaxes.

It also means you have plenty of time to prepare your body (and your gaming station) for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. entry on Switch. For starters Nintendo, being the savvy company that it is, is reissuing Smash-themed GameCube controllers with a Switch adapter. With every character ever returning to Smash, there are going to be some people climbing out of the woodwork to get back into the action. This list should help you welcome in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate future in which we all soon will live.

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