Failed ‘Super Retro Squad’ Kickstarter returns as ‘Glitch Strikers’

When Jay Pavlina created Super Mario Bros. Crossover in 2010, he had a viral hit on his hand. The popular fan game tweaked Nintendo’s classic platformer to allow characters from other retro games to take Mario’s place. Two years later, Pavlina gambled big on the crossover gameplay mechanic and lost, successfully crowdfunding $53,000 for an original game called Super Retro Squad before announcing in 2014 that the game was on indefinite hiatus. The project was assumed dead, with backers facing endless silence in the face of refund requests. Today, however, the project returned as Glitch Strikers, a new title based on the original concept that actually looks like it might come out. It even has a trailer.
Source: Exploding Rabbit


Source: Engadget

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