Final Fantasy VI PC Listing Spotted

Final Fantasy VI, one of the defining RPGs of the nineties and sometimes argued as the best game in Square Enix’s esteemed series, is being ported to PC, according to the European ratings classification board PEGI.

Late in November, PEGI’s website updated to include references to Final Fantasy 6 on PC, stating the port’s release date was scheduled for the 26th of the month. However, the game has yet to be released on Steam or any other digital PC formats.

Square Enix declined to comment when approached by GameSpot.

Final Fantasy VI first shipped on the SNES in the west on October 20, 1994. GameSpot’s review of its subsequent GameBoy Advance port was laced with praise, referring to it as “an unequivocal masterpiece and is arguably the pinnacle of the series.”

More recently, GameSpot writer Alexa Ray Corriea suggested that FF6 would be her choice if she could induct any video game in a hall of fame.

The game’s successor, Final Fantasy VII, is perhaps the most recognised and discussed game in the series. A full Final Fantasy 7 remake is currently in development.

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