Fire Emblem Warriors Mixes Strategy with Hack and Slash

If you’ve ever played a Dynasty Warriors-style Musou game, you know the drill: hundreds of enemies rush toward you, and you mow them down in gigantic, sweeping combos that take out dozens at once. Nintendo entered the fray with Hyrule Warriors a few years ago and injected Zelda into the formula, and now they’re inserting Fire Emblem into the mix.

But Fire Emblem Warriors does more than simply tack on a few familiar characters and sound effects. In a demo at PAX West, we got to see a section of combat that included some smart nods to the main franchise.

At any point, it’s possible to switch between a selection of different party members to control, each with their own style of movement and attacks. We switched between Takumi wielding a bow and arrow, Xander on horseback, and Hinoka on a Pegasus, and each had a completely different style. Hinoka could fly, for example, lifting vertically to come crashing down on enemies.

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