Geoff Johns Sheds Light on DC’s Doomsday Clock

DC’s second major panel of SDCC was a spotlight of acclaimed writer-turned-head of DC Films, Geoff Johns. The panel was mostly devoted to Johns reminiscing about his past at DC and the genesis of the DC Rebirth relaunch last year, though he did reveal some intriguing new details about the upcoming Doomsday Clock mini-series.


If there was any remaining doubt that Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan is the unseen antagonist behind the events of DC Rebirth, Johns officially put those to rest when he confirmed that Doomsday Clock is a story about Superman finally confronting this all-powerful foe. Johsn said that Manhattan was really the only character with the means to bring about such massive changes to the fabric of the DCU, though he did admit to being very nervous about drawing the cast of Watchmen into DC continuity. He noted that he didn’t want Manhattan’s inclusion to be a mere gimmick.

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Author: Jesse Schedeen


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