God-Kart Racing Comes to Smite in New Mode

Smite has added a new, limited time game mode called Apollo’s Racer Rumble. In a radical departure from the game’s MOBA-style of gameplay, the new mode puts you behind the wheel in a kart racing circuit.

The mode pays serious homage to the king of kart racers, Super Mario Kart, with the description on the new mode’s site cautioning players to “watch out for kappa shells!”

There are also “powerful relics” to collect around the two tracks, Elysium Beach and Molten Pass. The relics give you powers to help best your opponents, similar to the items in Mario Kart, but more godly.

Driving comes down to cornering prowess and keeping your kart from smashing obstacles along the way.  As you compete, you “earn Racer Pedestal upgrades and chest rolls,” one of which “guarantees players an exclusive skin.”

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Source: IGN.com

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