Grime and Punishment

     Sometimes beating a game is not enough. Sometimes beating a game quickly is not enough. Sometimes the runner wants to do more with the game than just sitting down and making a crisp any% run on the default difficulty. I tend to 100% games when I play them, and I’ve always preferred watching 100% and low% runs. Before we get to three runs where the runner goes for more, I’d like to direct you to a more traditional run.
      Vectorman 2 is, in my opinion, a more challenging game than its predecessor. The atmosphere is more tense, the enemies seem more aggressive (it took me a long time to beat the Dream Snakes), and the world is a darker place. That doesn’t stop Ryan ‘TheWinslinator’ Winslow from blasting, skating, dirt breaking, bug exterminating, and tanking through this game in 0:10:52 on the Cool difficulty. This run is done on the Sega Smash Pack collection for the PC so if you hear sound effects that don’t sound exactly like what was coming through your TV speakers in 1996, that’s why. The Vectorman games are fun to play and watch so give this one a shot if you haven’t.

     When people talk about Rare, the conversation usually doesn’t include Killer Instinct, or at least not the conversations I’ve had. I’m not good at fighting games though I do enjoy watching them being played well. Killer Instinct now has a run here. ‘Reverv’ doesn’t just pick a character and fight his way through the other combatants. He does so on the highest difficulty level. This six star run (stars=difficulty) in 0:10:10 uses TJ Combo to use a variety of combos to punch his way to victory. Be prepared for some combo breakers too!

    While being chased around in a horror game by some monstrosity is pretty standard now, this next runner tries to do something about it in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Instead of running away whenever Nemesis appears, ‘JulianManuelR’ decides to stick it to Nemesis literally in this All Bosses, Low% run played on the hardest difficulty in 1:06:47. Low% means knife only so there’s not a lot of killing going on here. Thankfully Nemesis is kind enough to leave briefcases after practically every encounter so our intrepid runner can keep the characters healed throughout this run. I’m not too familiar with the series so I won’t say much more on this game, though I do want to play it now after watching the run.

    I am a bit more familiar with the Wario games though. I’ve always enjoyed the series, or at least the platformer ones with their emphasis on exploration, item collection, and in some cases having to backtrack to the start of the area. Wario Land: Shake It! allows for all of this and in this 100% run from Alex ‘kirbymastah’, we get to see just how complicated and convoluted achieving 100% can be. Contradictory objectives abound here, meaning multiple visits to some levels but fear not! This segmented run in 3:58:35 is worth the watch, not only to see a good game done quickly but for the strategic routing that getting 100% includes.



The SDA staff would like to call for any and all old PRC people to help with clearing a large batch of runs entering this stage of the process. New people also welcome! PRC is the final QA pass before runs are deemed ready to publish in which anything like audio desyncs or missing footage are caught insuring we never have to pull back already published runs. It doesn’t require any special skills, just some time for watching the runs. Send LotBlind a private message to receive instructions.

Once these runs have passed PRC, the only thing left is to write the updates themselves! We’d like to invite anyone who’s written updates in the past to see if they have the opportunity to write even just one update for the upcoming Big PushTM. All this will directly impact how long the delay from submitting to publication is for runs coming along after.


Source: Speed Demos Archive

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