Hey! Pikmin Feels Like a Kids Game And That’s OK

Hey! Pikmin’s simple stylus-driven action might be a turnoff for hardcore Pikmin fans. We played this 2D side-scroller at an event in New York and it feels aimed at getting a younger audience in touch with the series. This is not a bad thing per se: The Pikmin games have always featured adorable characters, but the real-time strategy was difficult for some. On the other hand, the simple controls of this 3DS installment make Pikmin approachable and capture the spirit of being a voyager on a hostile alien planet similar to Nintendo’s big brother Pikmin games.


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The three stages I played are as simple as you would expect a touch-focused 3DS game to be. You hold the system with one hand and tap on the bottom touch screen with the other. You can control Olimar with the analog slider (or the face buttons, if you’re a lefty) execute light commands and use your Pikmin companions to solve relatively easy puzzles. They can build bridges, destroy barriers, and help Olimar fight his way through alien-infested stages. Olimar himself can run or swim through stages to explore, and he can use a jetpack to reach higher platforms, too.

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Author: Jose Otero

Source: IGN.com

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