Hey /r/Retrogaming. Could you help us finish our master thesis? In exchange we want to give away 300$ worth of gift cards on steam.

Hey /r/Retrogaming.

We are two guys from Denmark and Iceland, working on our master thesis in interactive media and games. We need help from as many of you as possible in order to finish up our research. We can’t go into too much detail about it as it might skew our results, but in short we are looking into interactive narrative experiences in games and how they could be improved and re-innovated. As a part of our survey we are looking at some of the older games that modern games developed from. We want to see your input on a some of those, and compare it to the results we are getting from the newer games.

As a thank you for the help, we’ve managed to get 300$ to give away as prizes. They will be split between the eight luckiest test participants, in the form of gift cards on steam. 1×100$ 2x 50$ and 5×20$. The winners will be picked at random from those that participated on the 15th of June, from all the different subreddits and forums we have asked for help.

To participate please go to http://www.nrim.dk , pick some of the classics, or if you like, any other game you have been playing most recently and take the survey. It should take about 12-15 minutes.

We greatly appreciate any help you can give us!

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