I got a weird little oddity for my collection..

Hey guys,

I’m sure some of you out there know about these things. The guy who runs our studio is leaving (he’s been in the gaming industry for many, many years) and gave me this VHS tape (in the box). It’s the Aladdin game for the SNES (I mistook it for the famicon version of the game given the shape of the box) but a VHS example of it.

I don’t have a VCR anymore so I have no idea what’s on it but he told me got it at CES ages ago, so I assume it’d have sit on the show floor. Which is pretty cool. There’s a pawn shop in town that has sealed VHS videos of demos for Mario Party and some other N64 game too.

So my question to fellow collectors is – do you think something like this would be desirable? I’m not trying to sell it, but it seems like a cool thing for a collection and I wonder if others feel the same.

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