If Deus Ex ever does multiplayer, “it would have to be the topic of the game itself”

So, we know developer Eidos Montreal won’t touch religion when it comes to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but what about introducing a multiplayer mode? In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, gameplay director Patrick Fortier explains incorporating an online experience would need to fit the game’s narrative – much like Mass Effect 3’s single-player-influencing offering.

“Mass effect 3’s multiplayer is a very good experience,” he notes. “It’s proof that it can be done. I’m not saying that we can’t do it, but you know [BioWare is] in the fourth iteration [of its game] now, almost, whereas we’re only on the second of ours. There’s a lot of learning we need to go through! In the future, I think if we were to go in that direction it would have to be the topic of the game itself. The way we’re applying the formula, in the sense of the narrative component [impacting] all across the different disciplines, I think it would have to be that it makes sense story-wise.”

And despite Mankind’s Divided’s willingness to break taboos and ask difficult questions, the studio itself isn’t willing to make compromises by bringing in another developer. “I don’t think it’s something that can be tacked on and supported sufficiently well through a third party developer, out of the office,” adds Fortier. “It has to be fundamental right from day one that you’re trying to do that. You have to have the right idea and the right vehicle.” 

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