It Took 26 Years, But This PC Classic Now Has a Sequel on Steam

Nearly three decades after its predecessor debuted on platforms like Atari Lynx and MS-DOS, Chip’s Challenge 2 is now available on Steam.


p dir=”ltr”>As announced last month, the previously unreleased game is finally launching after its release was prevented due to rights issues in the early ’90s. These are briefly detailed in a “History” section on the game’s Steam page, which I can’t remember seeing before.

With those issues sorted out, you can now buy the standalone game on Steam for $5. Alternatively, you can pick up a bundle that includes it, the original, and a level editor ($3 on its own) for that same $5 price. The new game is comprised of 200 new levels, and allows you to play as either the titular Chip or Melinda.

The first Chip’s Challenge debuted in 1989, making this wait comparable to that of Wasteland 2, which came out last year as the sequel to the 1988 original. Length of the wait aside, the two situations are different in that Chip’s 2 had already been developed, whereas Wasteland 2 was a new project made possible thanks to Kickstarter.

Being a game that was originally created so long ago, virtually any computer is capable of running it; you need only a Pentium 486–a processor as old as the original Chip’s Challenge–16 MB of RAM, and 100 MB of storage space. Water-cooling is optional.

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