John Romero – Q&A Talk – Revival 2014

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Original designs for Super Mario Bros. on paper graphs

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Custom Mario 3 NES controller!

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NES carts with their Famicom versions

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(X POST) Guy goes to retro gaming store established in 2013 to buy some old games. Finds his own games for sale there that his mother sold 20 years ago in a different city!


Just bought one just like this for $50. Good Deal?

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They don’t make enough Text Based adventure games anymore, or at least not as good as they used to make them

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8-bit and 16-bit Pump-Up Mixtapes

John Romero – Q&A Talk – Revival 2014

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What self-imposed rules did you (or still) play by with your old games?

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How to get into retro gaming if nostalgia doesn’t matter?

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