Karate Blazers from 1991. Can’t beat the 90’s

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Famicom 3d System (1987)

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TIL “Mr. Needlemouse” is the character designed by Naoto Oshima which would become Sonic The Hedgehog. Here’s a scan of his very first sketch. [xpost /r/ArchivePorn]
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Finally got around to building it: my very own Cupcade!!!

£20 games haul from a car boot, included 2 very rare games, can you guess which?

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Friendly PSA: Take care of your friends. You grew up together. A little rubbing alcohol and an old sock go a long way.

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Do you think there will be a company building & selling brand new CRT TV’s in the near future?


The world’s first video game magazine for consumers was called “Electronic Games” and its first issue was in October 1981. Here’s a scan of that issue.

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I think this is my best Tengen Tetris game ever

Karate Blazers from 1991. Can’t beat the 90’s

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Car boot sale haul – £40 in total!

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