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In 1982, NEC released the original PC-9801 computer. With a powerful lineup of computers predating it (TK-80, PC-8801), the PC-9800 series of computers quickly became the most popular computer series in Japan. Taking control of 90% of the Japanese computer industry, NEC easily pushed aside the likes of IBM, Apple, and Commodore as its PC-9800 series evolved with every new model released.

In the 1990’s, even while under heavy competition with Sharp and Fujitsu, NEC’s PC-9800 series remained strong. The PC-9821 series (PC-98 of the 21st century) was able to put NEC ahead of its competitors with new 32-bit technologies, FM audio from the mighty OPNA chip, and PC-FX compatibility using the PC-FXGA expansion board.

Even during its last stand against its primary rivals, IBM-compatibles, the PC-9800 architecture was able to survive into the 21st century, before finally being discontinued by NEC.

At the end of its production run, the PC-9800 series in total had sold over 20 million units, surpassing the Commodore 64’s 12-17 million unit sales to become the single best selling computer series of all time.

With Touhou, Corpse Party, and many other quality games of every category, the PC-9800 series is well-worth it to jump into. And with an affordable price range of around $40-$200, it’s easy to start retro-gaming on a PC-98.

So head on over to r/pc98 today. Our goal is to introduce retro-gamers to this epic computer series, so that the community (and the subreddit) can grow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and happy 98Gaming! 😀


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