Love is in the Air~~

It’s the Valentine’s Day season (just pretend this update made it out in time!), and love is in the air. All the sweet trimmings of the season are upon us: chalky hearts with semi-correctly spelled sweet nothings, cards with googly-eyed otters cuddling with puns amid a rosy pink color scheme, Cadbury eggs with cute bunnies telling you to… HEY WAIT!!!! Stupid, impatient megamarts…

Anyhoo, love means not saying, “You know what? Screw-a you princess! Go and-a save yourself this-a time!” Our boy Mario is a man of infinite patience, and thus proves his love again in New Super Mario Bros Wii by charging headlong through the land to save his beloved Kamek… I mean princess. And so he runs. Full bore leaning forward, head-down and arms-back Naruto ninja running across the land to face Bowser once again in the name of love. Lava? Doesn’t care. No platforms? Got a fancy hat for that. Under the steady hand of ‘Auchgard’, our perennially purloined princess and our stocky Sicilian are hand in hand at the 0:25:14 mark, 17 seconds faster than last time. (Be strong, Luigi. You’re still my favorite.)

:this broomstick is pretty handy, maybe if I sprinkle some Kamek dust on this Sonic 06 file, something good will happen… YES!!! This’ll do nicely:

There’s lots of love for the Sonic series, and despite his love for chuckles, Knuckles is no joke. His penchant for collecting large shiny objects is undeniable, even without a Valentine guilt trip from Tikal walking past a Swarovski store in the mall. In Sonic Adventure DX he proves that he will go as far as to punch Sonic, Eggman and even water to satiate his desire for emeralds. To his surprise the water punches back this time, but even in spite of its hydr-hate-tion Nelson ‘Sonikkustar’ Martinez properly restores the Master Emerald in 0:14:15.

:reaches over to find his document full of love puns… and it’s missing. Huh, I’d better send someone to find my document…:

I love knowing where things are, and Cat and Frog Industries are like me in that regard. As such, I see no issue in sending a cute office worker into a deathtrap-laden sewer to find an important document. Pink Hour, a standalone demo to Kero Blaster, places ‘makermatic21’ in this odd predicament and he receives the bad ending in 0:01:33. Will he find the document? Will there be puns in the future? I really REALLY kero-bout this outcome!

Advice from this old codger: if you have love, then be sure to show it every day, not just on February 14th. And now, I wait for my preferred holiday. February 15th… Cheap Candy Day!!!

See you all next time!


Source: Speed Demos Archive

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