Metroid: Samus Returns’ First Few Hours Have Us Hooked

IGN producer Zach Ryan and I have played a few hours of Metroid: Samus Returns so far, and we can’t stop talking about it. Instead of keeping our thoughts to ourselves (and annoying our deskmates), we thought we’d share our discussion with you all right here. We’ll talk about Metroid: Samus Returns more on IGN’s weekly Nintendo show, Nintendo Voice Chat (be sure to tune in to the September 8 episode), and we’ll have our full review of Samus Returns on September 12.

Sam: We’re not supposed to use the intro “It’s hard to believe it’s been XX years since…” here at IGN. It’s a banned phrase! So just let me say it’s unthinkable, unfathomable — unjust — that it’s been 14 years since the last “2D” classic Metroid (which was Metroid: Zero Mission). Samus Returns? About frackin’ time, amiright?

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