Mister Miracle #1 Extended Preview


Before taking over as the writer of Batman, Tom King earned critical acclaim for his unique approach to The Vision comic series over at Marvel Comics, and on August 9 he’s debuting another solo series, Mister Miracle for DC Comics. He’s teaming with frequent artistic collaborator Mitch Gerads (The Sheriff of Babylon, Batman) to tell an atypical story about the superhero escape artist created by comic legend Jack Kirby.

Mister Miracle’s origin is one of tragedy and triumph. Long ago, two warring worlds of gods decided to broker a peace treaty, and part of the deal included an exchanging of heirs. So Darkseid of Apokolips swapped his son Orion for Scott Free, the son of Highfather of New Genesis. Scott grew up on the hellish landscape that is Apokolips without ever knowing his true heritage, but there was one glimmer of light: that’s where he met his eventual wife, Big Barda.

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Author: Joshua Yehl

Source: IGN.com

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