Myst Television Series to Air on Streaming Service Hulu

No further details are currently known.

The previously-announced television adaptation of Myst has finally found a home.

Produced by Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man) and written by Brian Daugherty (Divergent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), a script has been ordered for Myst, which reports will then likely be made into a series.

Details about the actual plot remain unknown, although it’s likely there will be some integration with the mysterious, exploration-based premise originally seen in the classic Myst PC games.

Originally launching in the early ’90s, Myst is a game about a mysterious character exploring an island and learning about its past inhabitants while solving puzzles. Legendary TV & Digital Media’s television adaptation was originally announced to have a companion game in development, although little is known about it at this time.

Hulu’s recent series acquisitions also include Seinfeld, for which they paid an estimated $700,000 per episode.

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