Nintendo Still Isn’t Interested in VR or 4K Support

Nintendo has reconfirmed there are currently no plans for the company to explore virtual reality or 4K support, citing the relatively small market for those technologies as a main reason behind its reluctance to invest.

In a French interview (translated by NintendoLife), Managing Director of Nintendo France Philippe Lavoue builds on Nintendo’s previous comments, offering further elaboration on Nintendo’s hesitance to embrace the new technologies.

Lavoue expresses his doubts that VR can “appeal to the mainstream”, commenting that customers would rather have an “all-inclusive package” than pay to expand their hardware with headsets and other augments. Similarly, he questions how “useful” investing in 4K technology would be given it is currently embraced by a relative minority of users; he also questions how much “novelty” Nintendo could bring to 4K support compared to its competitors.

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