Nintendo’s 2DS XL doesn’t need 3D to be a solid handheld

Nintendo’s latest portable, the New 2DS XL, isn’t even out yet and people are already questioning its existence. Does the company really need another hand-held gaming console, especially with the recent launch of its hybrid Switch? For Nintendo, the answer is an obvious “yes,” based on the belief that consumers want a 2DS with the form factor of a 3DS XL. At $150, the 2DS XL will slot in between these two models, which cost $80 and $200, respectively. So, what exactly do you get in return? If you’re comparing it to the 2DS, the extra-large version is nearly identical, with the main difference being the clamshell design. Otherwise, they both come with the same processor, same battery, same low-resolution cameras and, well, you get the point.


Source: Engadget

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