Nintendo’s second ‘Classic’ console is better, but not perfect

When Nintendo announced that the already impossible to find NES Classic Edition was going out of production, there were two reactions: outrage that the company could introduce such a popular product and fail to meet demand, and curiosity — why would Nintendo kill off the most popular throwback console ever made?

The official line is that it was never intended to be a long-term product, but in the months that followed, you had to wonder if the original retro console was merely discontinued to make way for a sequel: The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition.

Now, that console is almost ready to hit the market, and Nintendo promises that it will make up for the original’s shortcomings. The company expects to ship “significantly more” of the new console than the original. And we hope it does — because if the short preview we had with the console last week is any indication, it’s going to sell just as fast as its predecessor.


Source: Engadget

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