Nintendo’s Switch makes a great first impression

Well, this is different. In my hands is Nintendo’s Switch, a $300 (£280 in the UK) console that’s like nothing I’ve held before. Well, it’s like quite a few things, but nonetheless a unique device.

It all starts with a tablet, dominated by 6.2-inch 720p capacitive touchscreen, with speakers in the lower corners. It’s thick, by anyone’s standards, but it’s not too heavy, and is generally well-balanced and comfortable to hold. The screen, although low-res compared to most tablets, looks sharp, bright, and rich. Viewing angles also seemed good — vital for two-player sessions.

At the top of the tablet portion is a slot for proprietary Game Cards, a headphone jack, two volume keys and a recessed power button. Below is a microSD Card slot and a USB Type-C charging port. Around the back is a sturdy kickstand that lets you rest the tablet on a table. Adorning the vertical edges of the tablet are detachable “Joy-Cons” that slide on and off on rails.


Source: Engadget

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