NVC: Rocket League’s Journey to Switch


Welcooooooome to the latest episode of our weekly Nintendo talk show, Nintendo Voice Chat! In Episode 368, we welcome a special guest: VP of Publishing at Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham. Jeremy made the jump from games media to game development almost eight years ago. Tune in to hear him talk about his personal journey, as well as the fascinating success story of the company’s flagship title, Rocket League, and its journey to Nintendo Switch later this year. What’s it like first laying eyes on development hardware? What’s it like working with Nintendo? Answers in the second half of our show.

Join Brian “Mother Brian” Altano, Zach “Young George Lucas” Ryan, and Peer “amiibo ate my kids’ college funds” Schneider for our interview with Jeremy, as well as our thoughts on the latest Nintendo announcements, the games we’re playing, and, of course, answers to your most burning questions in our (almost) weekly Question Block segment.

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Source: IGN.com

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