Oculus VR Exec: ‘I Don’t Think We’ve Had the Spark Yet’

While Oculus head of content Jason Rubin is confident in the viability of VR as the next great computing platform, he doesn’t believe we’ve seen the technology’s killer app just yet.

On the latest episode of our monthly interview show IGN Unfiltered, Rubin said the inquiry as to what will be virtual reality’s killer app is the “hardest” question he receives by the senior management at Facebook, and it “scares the living daylights” out of him.

Rubin pointed to software for prior platforms like Halo and Angry Birds, noting that those games, which have proven to be incredibly influential in cementing the viability of their respective platforms, were not created with the intention of being killer apps. He also mentioned Crash Bandicoot, which he created for PlayStation, noting that Naughty Dog didn’t set out to make the system’s killer app but instead “stumbled upon it” when crafting the series.

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Source: IGN.com

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