One Man’s Quest to Save Sonic The Hedgehog


p dir=”ltr”>Brian Costelloe is visibly nervous as he parks outside the ramshackle junkyard complex. He steps out of his car to fetch his camera from its boot, because he wants to film the excursion for his YouTube channel. He crosses the road before changing his mind, returning to his car to put the camera back in the boot. He does up his jacket over a Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt. “I don’t want to be too obvious,” he says.

As we step into the junkyard, signs around the entrance are so immediately hostile to potential wrongdoers that I understand his caution. ‘WARNING, AREA UNDER SURVEILLANCE’. ‘NO DUMPING, WE WILL FORWARD YOUR REGO TO THE POLICE’. And the real doozy: ‘GOD SAYS YOU SHOULD FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST YOU. NOT ME, I SHOOT THE BASTARDS’.

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