Party at Count Dracula’s

     Simon and Julius Belmont were standing around the throne room of Dracula’s castle, waiting for the vampire of vampires to ressurect again for the umpteenth time. “It will be a new year soon and it is time to fight again” said Simon. “You are right. It is a good thing that we can now join forces with disregard to the centuries between us to stop this maniacal demon.” The clock chimed thirteen times. Julius and Simon found themselves transorted to various parts of the castle. Here beigns their adventures, in this update at least. Simon Belmont has been around since Vampire Killer/Castlevania and he gets to fight again in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. ‘Wizdaddy’ plows through the DLC portions of the castle in 0:13:45.07.
     Julius Belmont theoretically has a better chance to survive in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair as he may have run into many of these enemies and bosses in Aria and Dawn of Sorrow‘Wizdaddy’ gives us a double shot of whiplashing Julius action, utilizing New Game+ to power through the original part of the castle in 0:07:16.00 and the DLC portion in 0:13:41.24

     Meanwhile in another world, another character is rolling through another maze like world. Remember Kula World? There’s more to the game after you beat it and ‘adeyblue’ has rolled through these extra levels in 0:09:29 using the PAL version of the game. 

    Awesome Games Done Quick starts this Sunday, with the first game starting at 12:00 PM EDST. Make sure to catch some of this week long event if you can. You can watch live at the AGDQ wesbsite



Source: Speed Demos Archive

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