PJ Wins and Loses (Part 1)

Sometimes a runner ends up with a bunch of games on the queue. I noticed this recently as did some of the other updaters and it was decided to split the runner’s runs into two updates. There are two reasons for doing this. First, the runner has fourruns ready plus one of his current runs has been beaten by someone else. Second, these game are speedruns from PJ and posting all of the runs at once could seriously cause damage to the internet and our brains due to PJ’s selection of games. In order to get the “worst” out first, we’ve decided to go with the two longest runs in this batch of PJ runs.
I had heard of Lagoon prior to AGDQ 2011 but I had never seen the game in action before. While Lagoon made it’s debut at AGDQ 2012 as part of “Awful Games Done Quick”, Patrick ‘PJ’ DiCesare was kind enough to bring a copy of the game with him the previous year at AGDQ 2011 and I’d be very surprised if there was anyone at the event who did not see Lagoon in action at some point. I’ll be honest: I liked what I saw and heard. When I returned home I sought out a copy of the game and bought a cartridge within a few days. I have yet to make it past the first boss. Thankfully, PJ is better at Lagoon than me and he has beaten his 1:28:52 deathless run and ends Lakeland’s drinking problem in a Thor crushing 1:22:11. It’s always bittersweet for me seeing an already improbable run improved but it has happened. PJ and friends provide commentary for this shorter edition of Lagoon. If you are interested in the AGDQ 2012 run then please go here.

ActRaiser is a hybrid game that has platforming and simulation segments interspersed throughout the game. For some reason, the simulation sequences are not in ActRaiser 2. Regardless, PJ has spent years on ActRaiser 2 and we finally get a run of this beautiful game. The gameplay may be punishing, the visuals somewhat disturbing, and the AI more than usually devious but PJ fights the good fight against the seven deadly sins and Satan in a blistering 0:41:54 on Hard Mode. Make sure to check out the commentary track on this one, even if you are familiar with the game.  


Source: Speed Demos Archive

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