Pokemon Fighting Game is Getting Special Wii U Controller

Pokken Tournament is already playable in Japanese arcades and when the Pokemon fighting game comes to the Wii U, it’ll be joined by a unique controller. Unfortunately, it’s only set for a Japan release at this time.

The fightpad features a D-Pad and four face buttons. However, it doesn’t come with analog sticks or triggers. The ZL and ZR buttons are placed beside Start and Select on the face of the controller, instead of the back where they’re normally found. The design is similar to that of its arcade counterpart.

In other recent Pokken Tournament news, the grass-type Sceptile was revealed as a fighter. And it was also announced that Shadow Mewtwo, a new variation on the legendary Pokemon, is making its first video game appearance in Pokken Tournament.

You’ll be able to square off against Pokemon like Lucario, Machamp, and Gengar when Pokken Tournament hits the Wii U worldwide in spring 2016.

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