PS2 Classic Dragon Quest VIII Announced For 3DS in Japan

Acclaimed Japanese role-playing game Dragon Quest VIII will be released on Nintendo 3DS, Square Enix has announced.

According to a translation by Gematsu, the 3DS re-release has currently only been confirmed for Japan, and is expected for release on August 27. GameSpot has contacted Square Enix to inquire about a Western release.

For the 3DS version, Square Enix has created a new scenario in which Garuda, a female thief, and Morrie, who some may recognise from Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road, join as new characters.

Additionally, StreetPass functionality has been introduced, along with more voice acting and an orchestral soundtrack.

A number of pre-order bonuses, depending on where the game has been purchased, have been announced for the Japanese release. They are:

  • Square Enix e-Store – “Candy Cane” (weapon for Yangus) – A mysterious spear that will absolutely cause damage and is even effective on metallic monsters.
  • – Healie T-Shirt (armor for everyone) – A mysterious shirt that recovers HP little by little as you walk.
  • Aeon – Healie Cap (helmet for everyone) – A hat that increases your dexterity and maximum HP.
  • Game Tsutaya – Golden Bamboo Spear (weapon for the protagonist) – An expensive spear made of pure gold. If you don’t want it, you can sell it for 5,000 gold.
  • 7-Eleven – Lucky Pendant (accessory for everyone) – A magic pendant that makes it easier to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Yodobashi Camera – Metal Slime Tray (shield for everyone) – A metal tray that slightly defends against magic attacks.

Known outside of Japan as Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, the game was developed by Level-5, a studio which as achieved success with the Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, and Yo-kai Watch series.

Dragon Quest VIII first came to North American PlayStation 2s in November 2005, eventually reaching Europe and Australia in April 2006.

Square Enix has announced it will host its own dedicated press conference at E3 2015, something it has not done at E3 since 2012, where it showcased its next-gen Luminous Engine for the first time.

The company’s current AAA projects in include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Final Fantasy XV, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and a new Hitman project. It is likely these games will feature prominently at the briefing, but as of yet it is not known if Square Enix will announced any new projects.

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