PSA: Get Cheap Nintendo Switch MicroSD Storage with this PNY Sale

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When the Nintendo Switch was first introduced to the world, we were promised it would support MicroSD storage solutions up to 2TB. That’s pretty incredible given the fact that 2TB MicroSD cards don’t even exist yet, but it shows how much faith Nintendo has in the longevity of its successful hybrid console. And how much reliance the company is putting in MicroSD as a storage solution, given that the console only comes with 32 GB internal storage space.

If you’re still rocking the built-in storage space on your Switch, you’re probably feeling pretty tight on space by now – especially if you’re using the eShop. Luckily there’s a big PNY Storage sale going on right now. So whether you’re a Switch owner or just need a thumb drive, SSD, or other SD solution, you’re in luck. Check it:

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