PSA: New 3DS XL’s Charging Dock Is In Stock Right Now

The official charging cradle designed for use with the New 3DS XL is currently in stock at Nintendo’s online store in the United States.


p dir=”ltr”>The dock was originally released in the US back in March, a month after the New 3DS XL debuted in North America. It quickly sold out, and has remained out of stock for the better part of three months.

Much like the charging cradle for the non-New variants of 3DS, this lets you easily drop your system in and charge it without having to specifically plug it in. This cradle is slightly different, however, in that the system stands up on its top when it’s docked (rather than laying flat).

It’s a minor convenience, but given the 3DS’ relatively lackluster battery life, it makes it easier to keep the system charged at all times.

The charging cradle costs $15, with shipping prices starting at $5. Just the like system itself, an AC adapter is not included.

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