Ronda Rousey Started Playing WoW Because She Wanted to Be in the Movie

UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is known to play World of Warcraft with her Night Elf Hunter and Blood Elf Rogue, but you probably didn’t know that she started playing the MMO after the upcoming Warcraft movie was announced.

Rousey revealed in an interview with GameSpot that she originally played World of Warcraft “as role research for something [she] knew [she] would never get.” Rousey likes when a movie based on something can get you interested in checking out the original source material.

“It’s kinda cool when two worlds connect like when they make a movie based on a book, and you go buy the book because you know if the book is being made into a movie it must be pretty good,” Rousey said. “I think they should make more movies based on video games to be honest. I think that would be really cool.”

When asked what video game movie she’d like to star in most, Rousey was quick to answer.

“I’ve always wanted to be Samus. That would be badass. I love how people found out later that it was a hot chick on the inside,” Rousey explained. “And then most of the day you’re in a suit, so you can just hang out and eat donuts and be the star of Metroid.”

You can read the full interview with Rousey right here on GameSpot.

Warcraft hits theaters on June 10.

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