Sega Genesis Flashback Review

Miniaturized versions of classic consoles with built-in game libraries made to work on modern TVs aren’t a new idea, but Nintendo certainly caused quite a nostalgia-fueled fervor with last year’s NES Classic and upcoming SNES Classic. The Sega Genesis and its library absolutely deserve their own similar monument to the 16-bit glory days of blast processing, but due to a poisoned, lackluster library, this Sega Genesis Flashback looks poor next to what we’ve seen of the SNES Classic.


p dir=”ltr”>Note that this $80 retro console isn’t manufactured by Sega – it’s made by At Games, which also produces the Atari Flashback. The Genesis Flashback boasts 85 built-in games, which is almost double the amount of the excellent Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection that was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in 2009. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll find that only 57 of them were actually released on an original Sega console. The remaining 28 are “bonus” games – all-but-unplayable ripoffs of classics like Space Invaders and air hockey. That means 28 games in this collection (33%) are straight garbage.

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Author: Daemon Hatfield


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