Settling on Doom

If you’re a fan of the Doom series, you’ll be happy to see Doom 64 finally making it on SDA. While the game does have a plot, it probably doesn’t matter. Just kill demons stood in your path until none have survived. Phillip ‘ZELLLOOO’ Shanklin played on the easiest difficulty, Be Gentle!, and wrapped the 32 levels up in a quick 0:32:35, Single Segment.

The Settlers III follows the footsteps of the previous two games, except for one interesting tidbit. Iron and coal are required to produce weapons, but the game’s copy protection made it so pirated copies had iron smelters produce pigs instead of iron. I hope the bacon made up for it though. ‘Tigger77’ improves the first mission by 16 seconds and the 7th mission by 48 seconds, for a total of 1:04 minutes, and a new table time of 2:17:23

Back to shooters, we have a third person shooter to wrap up today. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men follows the footsteps of Kane as he escapes death row thanks to Lynch and a bunch of mercenaries from a gang called The 7. The gang, however, tells Kane they’ve captured his wife and daughter and will kill them unless he returns the money they think he’s stolen from them. Despite never having done so, he does still go on an adventure to get the money back. To help him is Mirko Brown, who beat the game in 1:18:53. If you were wondering, this is indeed the game that had a GameSpot reviewer getting fired over it.


Source: Speed Demos Archive

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