Share your resumé of retrogame achievements. Get constructive feedback.

Here’s mine. Basically, I like platform/action games, and I enjoy playing good ones to the point of mastery. I find that’s when they become most exciting.

-One-life clears of: Ninja Gaiden; Metal Storm; and three Castlevanias: CV 1; CV Rondo of Blood; and CV Dracula X Chronicles (a Rondo remake).

-One-credit clears (i.e. winning without continues) of: Super Mario Bros 1 & 3; Shadow Dancer; CV Belmont’s Revenge.

-Basic clears of various games. Proud of: SMB 2 Japan; CV 3; Ninja Gaiden 2; Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.

-Not proud of: being unable to beat Super Ghouls and Ghosts (second loop, level 6, g*ddamn Goddess bracelet). Sucking at Contra. Never finishing Shinobi III, Gremlins 2, Mr. Gimmick, or Fire ‘n Ice despite good progress.

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