Silver Mario Amiibo Arrives This Month for $13

Amiibo fans will have a new figure to add to their collections later this month. Nintendo has announced that a special silver Mario Amiibo will be available at retailers starting May 29 for $13.

The silver Mario Amiibo will launch alongside the rest of Amiibo wave four, which includes new toys based on characters like Charizard, Wario, Pac-Man, Jigglypuff, and Ness, among others (full list here).

In March, Nintendo released a special-edition gold Mario Amiibo. It was exclusive to Walmart, but the silver version will be available everywhere.

The silver Mario Amiibo toy will be compatible with the following Wii U and 3DS games:

Despite widespread supply shortages, Amiibo shipments recently crossed 10.5 million.

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